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7 Questions To Consider For Tax Professionals in Los Angeles

So it’s tax session, you’re living in Los Angeles and besides looking on Google, or ask your friends or family who they do their taxes with or maybe you’re driving by that sign flipper or that person dressed up in a statue of liberty costume or maybe the dreaded long lines o HR Block….

Who do you end up choosing to do your taxes?


Sure you could probably do them yourself, maybe spend hours on turbo tax or just be like everyone else and follow the jones.


But where’s the special care and attention?


I mean after all you spent your time slaving away the whole past year and bottom line you’re worked hard for your money so why should you be careless on how your taxes are filed?


OR maybe you’ve been in hiding from the IRS trying your best to avoid paying taxes and now the heat is on that after years of years thinking you’ve slept through the cracks cheating the system, it somehow has caught up with you.


At this point there is no use on sweating the small stuff so just relax because the solution to your short-lived problems are just a phone call away.




For some reason talking about tax is as taboo as a monkey riding a unicycle.


The more your avoid talking about them or taken care of them for the matter the bigger the issue.


So to pop the balloon of mystery here’s a break down to consider what to look for in a Tax Professional in Los Angeles.


QUESTION 1: How long has the establishment been in business?


Newly establishment may not have roots, the expertise or strong backbone to get the job done well.


And let’s be honest there are hundreds of mom and pop shops here today and gone tomorrow.


So before you head to that one stop shop down the block and before you get a headache trying to search hundreds of reviews consider that MBA Tax consultants has been in business for over 22 years.


QUESTION 2: What do they specialize in?


Not all places are created equal and do different things. So you need to be mindful to make sure you are going to the right place to get directions. Also it’s also important be associated with a team who has a proven track record for success.


MBA specializes in Tax preparation, audits, business management, consulting, payroll, finical budgeting and insurance.


QUESTION 3: Are you able to get quick responses?


Let’s be honest who here likes to call places to get an answering machine or those annoying automated voice operators where you have to dial so many numbers just to talk to a real person?


With MBA they are seriously only a phone call away.


QUESTION 4: What about free consultations?


Most places that do tax preparations, nothing is free and sometimes they can’t even answer questions so you’re there wasting time and hopeless.


MBA is there to help and listen to your needs ready to tackle what needs to be done.


QUESTION 5: Is the staff certified CPA’s?


Not to bash but point blank most of the time you end up talking to inexperience office clerks who are there to handle the over flow of people especially cutting close to April 15.


Rest assure that you’ll be getting 1st class service with professionals whom been in the business for years but have the track record to prove it.


QUESTION 6: Do they have any affiliations?


It’s always good to know what else the company does especially with their surround communities. Because bottom-line this fuels our city and the people who live in them.


MBA is a part of the Chamber of Commerce and give back to non-profits organizations like the Children of Uniting Nations (CUN 2.0).


QUESTION 7: What do other people say about them?

It’s important to get honest feedback from the public because it’s just people within the company saying it.

Let’s be honest who doesn’t look at reviews.

Whether they are good or bad they are helpful to paint a picture.

Here are 2 yelp reviews:





So with that said, who will you choose to be your best Tax Professionals in Los Angeles?

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